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Dancing to the Top
Shigei Gebremedhin
August 28, 2014


It’s best that my parents not be reminded that I am climbing Mount Everest Base Camp in a few days. We have already had some pretty tense discussions about it over the phone. I tell them that as parents, they should support me. They say as parents, they worry. They do not understand why I take on such adventures, but in truth, it’s because of the sacrifices they made that I can gratefully live a life filled with enriching experiences. I have chosen a cage-free life where I can spread my wings and take on new challenges. What they don’t realize is that because of how I was raised, material values do not compare to intangible experiences.  The importance I place on packaged possessions, on material things, is far less than on moments and those that I love or care for. My destiny was already laid out when they named me “Shigei” after an Eritrean song by Tewelde Redda. Shigei: a flame that lives on, a torch that symbolizes freedom.

I remember traveling to Eritrea in 2001 as part of a scholar program and having the opportunity to visit some of my extended family. I remember being in my aunt’s living room, sitting beside my grandmother on the couch. This was when my grandmother was still physically among us. My Tigrinya, a widely spoken language in Eritrea, left much to be desired, and since I hadn’t practiced speaking in years, I could only form a few basic sentences. Although I could understand what was being said, I wasn’t able to have a conversation with my own grandmother. I sat there, frustrated. I wanted to ask her so much. I wanted to know about what it was like raising my dad; my uncles and aunts. I wanted to learn more about the history of our family. I wanted her to get to know me too. Me, her grandchild. I wanted to ask her about my late grandfather and what it was like to manage a large farm. It was only the second time I had ever seen my grandmother, and honestly, I was worried there might not be a third. Surrounded by family, friends, and neighbors, I felt so exasperated with myself. I wanted to connect with them, and it seems as though the language barrier was a tangible roadblock. They were patient with me, and we would repeat the same question and answers.

Temherte keme eyu?


Sedra keme alo?

Dehan alo.

I remember sitting there and holding my grandmother’s hand: small, but strong, inside of mine. We then ate dinner, and once we finished and the plates were cleared, there were a few minutes of silence. I looked around, wanting to take in my aunt’s home. I wanted to remember every inch, every photograph. And that’s when I saw the silver stereo on the end table, beside the couch. I asked if it worked. It did. There was a cassette waiting inside, and I tried to ask if I could play it by pointing to the “play” button, but before anyone could answer or figure out what I was up to, the room was filled with music. Heartfelt, traditional Eritrean music. I could understand one out of every four words that were sung, but it didn’t matter. I got up, loosened my shoulders, and started dancing around the living room. I pulled some of the kids that were sitting cross-legged on the floor, my aunt who was cleaning up, and my other aunt sitting in the chair, and my cousins up to dance with me. Then I gently helped my grandmother to her feet. I caught my aunt’s glance, and our eyes moistened.  We weaved around and around that living room to the rhythm of the music. I will never forget how my grandmother’s face softened and the depth of her smile. We placed nakfa notes on sweat-glistened forehead; we laughed. We swung our hair from one side to the other, our hips and feet following the beat of the drum. We shook our shoulders, brought our bodies down and met each other’s back going up, we eskesta, and spent the rest of the evening dancing. We communicated through dance that night. That was one of the best experiences of my life.

My happiness is a product of good health, meaningful relationships, and elevating experiences. I continue to carry the flame that my family ignited in me and I hope its power continues to catch on. I am climbing Mount Everest Base Camp because it is an opportunity for me to be surrounded by a natural environment while embarking on a physically challenging spiritual journey. I remember how emotional and empowering it was to climb other mountains, like Mount Kilimanjaro and the Andes. The aura and exhilaration that fills your lungs is all-encompassing. The views are like nothing you have ever seen. It’s just you and the world, and the feeling is euphoric. This year: Mount Everest Base Camp. Next year: who knows? My next adventure may very well be sitting in on a language class!


ሻምፒዮን ቦስተን ማራቶን መብራህቱ ክፍለዝጊ፡ ኣብ ማራቶን ኒውዮርክ ክሳተፍ ኢዩ!!

ኤርትራዊ ኣሜሪካዊ መብራህቱ ክፍለዝጊ፡ ኣብቲ ድሕሪ ሰለስተ ወርሒ ዝካየድ ማራቶን ኒውዮርክ ከም ዝሳተፍ ኣህጉራዊ ፈደረሽን ኣትለቲክስ ኣፍሊጡ።  እቲ ፈደረሽን “ ተሳትፎ መብራህቱ ክፍለዝጊ ተሳትፎ ከዋኽብቲ ኣትለታት ዘረጋግጽ’ዩ፡” ብምባል ንተሳትፎ መብራህቱ ኣብቲ ውድድር ዘለዎ ኣገዳስነት ኣጉሊሕዎ ይርከብ። ወዲ 39 ዓመት መብራህቱ፡ ንመጀመርያ ግዜ ሻምፒዮን ቦስተን ማራቶን ብምዃን ንመቦቆል ዓዱ ኤርትራን ኣሜሪካን ዘኹርዕ ዓወት ዘመዝገበን ፕረዚደንት ኦባማ  ከይተረፈ ሓጎሱ ብምግላጽ ንመብራህቱ  “ንፉዕ  ብኣኻ ኮሪዕና” ዝበሎ ጎያያይ ኢዩ። ኣብቲ ቅድሚ ሕጂ ዝተሳተፎ ሰለስተ ኣህጉራዊ መድረኻት፡ ኣብ ኣቴንስ ብሩር፡ ኣብ ለንደን ከኣ ራብዓይ ደረጃ ሒዙ ከም ዝነበረ ጸብጻባቲ ፈደረሽን ይሕብር።

ንኣፍልጦ ሕጊ ዝሕግዝ ስልጠና ንመንእሰያት ክወሃብ’ዩ!

ቤት ጽሕፈት ፖሊስ ኪንግ ካውኒ ብዘውጽኦ መደብ መሰረት፡  “ዳህሰስቲ ሕግታት ፖሊስ” /SeaTac Police Explorers/ ብዝብል ስያመ፡ ኣብ ከተማ ሲታክ፡ ካብ 14-20 ዝዕድሚኦም ወለንተኛታት መንእሰያት ንምስልጣን ተዳልዩ ኣሎ። እዞም መንእሰያት ሰልጠንቲ ኣብ ዝተፋላለየ ህዝባዊ ኣገጣሚታት ከም ኣህጉራዊ በዓላት፡ መዓልቲ ናጽነት ኣሜሪካ “4 ሓምለ”ን ልደትን ዝኣመሰሉ ብምስታፍ ሕጊ ከኽብሩን ልምምዳት ክገብሩን ኢዮም። ካብዚ ሓሊፉ ተሳተፍቲ መደብ ምስ ፖሊስ ብምጓዓዝ ኣብ ዓበይቲ ገበናት ዝተፈጸመሉ ቦታታት ብምኻድ ጭብጥታት ኣብ ምእካብ ክሳተፉ ኢዮም።
ተሳተፍቲ ስልጠናኦም ምስ ወድኡ፡ ብድሌቶም ፖሊስ ክቑጸሩ ይኽእሉ ኢዮም። ድሌት ምስ ዘይህልዎም ድማ ንርእሶም ኣብ ሂወቶም ዝሕግዞም ኣፍልጦ ልዕልና ሕጊ ሒዞም ክወጹ ይኽእሉ። ኣብዚ መደብ ዝሳተፉ መንእሰያት፡ ምስ ተመዝገቡ ናይ ቃል መርመራን ታሪኽ ድሕረ-ባይታን ክሓልፉ ኣለዎም። ነጥቦም ከኣ ብዝወሓደ ካብ ክልተ (2.0) ንላዕሊ ክኸውን ኣለዎ። ድሌት ዘለዎም መንእሰያት ካብ ዝኾነ ይኹን ቦታ ክምዝገቡ ይኽእሉ ኢዮም።
ግዱሳት ንዝያዳ ሓበሬታ ናብ CSO Mechee Burnett at 206.973.4917 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . ብምድዋል ወይ ብኢሜይል ተወከሱ። ዝርዝር ናይዚ ጽሑፍ ከኣ ኣብ ገጽ ክልተ ኣቕሪብናልኩም ኣለና።
ኣገዳስነት ኣፍልጦ ሕጊ ብፍላይ ኣብ መንእሰያት ኣዝዩ ዓቢ’ዩ። ቅድሚ ሕጂ ሰኣን ኣፍልጦ ሕጊ ምስ ኣኽበርቲ ሕጊ ተጋጭዮም ኣብ ቤት ማእሰርቲ ዝተዳጎኑ መንእሰያት ከም ዘለዉና ምዝካር የድሊ። ሳዕቤን ናይዚ ከኣ ኣብ ምሉእ ዝተረፈ ሂወቶም ከም ዝጸልዎም ድሮ ተገንዚብናዮ ኣለና



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